The new cyclist track is running along old abandoned railway track Huda Luknja. Original railway track in between Slovene cities of Velenje and Dravograd was once part of the Levantine railway opened in 1891 in Austro Hungarian empire, and abandoned in 1968 . Track is approximately 24 km long, following the configuration of the Mislinja valley carved by the Paka river using old railway track with old tunnels. Design of new bridges follows the original idea of typical linear railway design. Steel beams are overcoming spans of app. 31m. Providing exciting and dramatic views for the cyclist reviling history of the railway track once used for old mines of Saleška dolina.


client: ministry for infrastructure of  RS
location: Velenje-Mislinja
building area: ~24km
program: bike track
project date: 2019 - 20
status: /


damjan bradač